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Types of industrial cleaning machines

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Types of industrial cleaning machines
Latest company news about Types of industrial cleaning machines

When it comes to washing machines, people may think of washing cars, which is the most common type of washing equipment in people's lives. In fact, there are many types of washing machines, mainly including the following:

High-pressure cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, dry ice cleaner, floor heating cleaner

1. High-pressure cleaner. That is, as mentioned above, it is used for car washing. Use high pressure to spray water out to forcefully remove sludge. Not only can the car be washed, but many heavy dirt objects can also be washed;

2. Ultrasonic cleaning machine. The high frequency of the ultrasonic wave is converted into kinetic energy through the transducer and then acts on the surface of the object through the liquid medium. Under the impact of the high frequency, the dirt on the surface is removed to achieve the cleaning effect. This cleaning method is to put objects into the cleaning tank, and its advantage is that it can be cleaned in batches, and it does not leave dead corners, and it is comprehensive and detailed. Mainly used for surface cleaning of smaller objects in hardware, electronics, optics, accessories, laboratories and other industries.

3. Dry ice cleaning machine. It is suitable for surface cleaning of larger equipment and parts, such as molds, automobiles, ships, rubber, plastics and other industries. Its working principle is to spray high-pressure air and dry ice particles onto the surface of the object, and wash off the dirt on the surface of the object under the dual pressure of high pressure and freezing.

4. Floor heating cleaning machine. Also called geothermal cleaning machine, it is mainly used to clean geothermal pipelines. The fully automatic pulsed geothermal cleaning machine uses a combination of air, water, and electromagnetic pulses to convert the internal vortex power into kinetic energy, and perform high-speed movement in the form of tiny molecules, passing heat, kinetic energy, and electromagnetic pulses during operation. Decompose the dirt in the pipe wall and flush out the pipe together with water molecules to achieve the function of a cleaning machine.

Each of these washing machines has its own characteristics and strengths. Customers in various industries can purchase them according to actual needs. Or choose the correct cleaning method according to the specific situation.

There are many cleaning methods at present, if classified according to cleaning methods and principles, there are the following three:

1. Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a method of using one or several chemical agents (or their aqueous solutions) to remove dirt on the process side or water side of the equipment. It uses a cleaning agent to chemically transform, dissolve, and peel off the surface contaminants or covering layer to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Common chemical cleaning includes using various inorganic or organic acids to remove rust and scale on metal surfaces, using bleaching oxidizers to remove stains on the surface of objects, using fungicides and disinfectants to kill microorganisms and remove dirt or mildew attached to the surface of objects Wait.

2. Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is to use various mechanical external forces and energy to crush, decompose and peel off the surface of the object to achieve the cleaning effect. That is, all methods that use the principles of heat, mechanics, acoustics, optics, and electricity to remove surface dirt should be classified as physical cleaning. Commonly used cleaning machines now include high-pressure cleaning machines, PIG cleaning machines, dry ice cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, laser cleaning machines and blasting cleaning machines.

3. Microbial cleaning

Microbial cleaning is a method that uses microorganisms to decompose the oily dirt attached to the surface of the equipment and convert it into non-toxic and harmless water-soluble substances. This cleaning completely decomposes pollutants (such as oil) and organic matter, and is a truly environmentally friendly cleaning technology.

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