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Efficient mold cleaning: laser cleaning machine

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Efficient mold cleaning: laser cleaning machine
Latest company news about Efficient mold cleaning: laser cleaning machine

In the process of injection molding, demolding or stamping, the residue inside the mold will cause the increase of defective products and damage the mold. Maintaining the cleanliness of the mold and cleaning the mold thoroughly in time are the key points to improve product quality and yield.

Traditional cleaning methods are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also damage the mold itself and affect its accuracy. Sandblasting will wear the mold and cause secondary pollution; washing with water will easily cause rust and conduct electricity, and the washed sewage will cause secondary pollution; solvent cleaning will be corrosive to a certain extent, easy to damage the mold, and cause damage to the operator Health is unfavorable, and electrical conduction is easy to occur, leading to safety hazards and secondary pollution; manual cleaning prolongs downtime, low efficiency, and easy to damage molds.

1. Principle of laser cleaning machine

The principle of laser cleaning is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece with a high-energy laser beam to cause surface stains, rust spots or coatings to evaporate or peel instantly, and the energy of the light molecules only constitutes the decomposition of substances other than the metal, and does not damage the metal itself.

2. Laser cleaning features: non-contact, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection, wide applicability.

3. Advantages of laser cleaning

1. High efficiency. Traditional cleaning requires disassembly, cooling, cleaning, and reassembly; while the laser cleaning machine achieves online cleaning without disassembling the equipment, which can effectively improve efficiency and ensure equipment accuracy.

2. Thoroughly. Traditional cleaning is difficult to clean corners, gaps, high precision, and complex structure molds; laser cleaning machine laser can effectively clean corners, gaps, and dead ends, without pollution, residue, and environmental protection.

3. Lossless. The traditional cleaning, polishing, soaking and other methods can easily damage the mold, reducing accuracy and product quality; laser cleaning is a non-contact laser cleaning, the intensity can be adjusted arbitrarily, there is no damage to the mold and the product, the service life of the mold is extended, and the product quality can be improved.

4. Dry. Traditional cleaning uses water, solvents, etc. to clean, which are prone to conduction and residue; laser cleaning realizes dry cleaning, which can contact electrical parts, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and non-rusting.

5. Environmental protection. Traditional cleaning uses water and solvents to affect human health, and at the same time cause secondary pollution to the environment, and increase the processing cost of secondary pollutants; laser cleaning avoids secondary pollution, is non-toxic, odorless, and has no residue.

In short, laser cleaning machine can effectively improve product quality, reduce scrap, increase yield, shorten downtime, shorten cleaning time, reduce labor costs, increase mold life, and be environmentally friendly. It is an artifact of mold cleaning.

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