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Air Cooling 220VAC 100 Watt CNC Laser Cleaner Machine

Air Cooling 220VAC 100 Watt CNC Laser Cleaner Machine

Air Cooling 220VAC 100 Watt CNC Laser Cleaner Machine
Air Cooling 220VAC 100 Watt CNC Laser Cleaner Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Super Fast - CK
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: CK-FC-100W

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 20000USD-26000USD
Packaging Details: Plywood case
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200sets/month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Super Fast Laser Cleaning Machine Function: High Speed Metal Surface Clean
Machine Status: New Production Ability: 100 Sets / Month
Deliery Time: Standard Machine 5-7 Days, Customized Automactic Equioment 30-45 Days Usage: CNC Laser Rust Cleaner
Field: Metal Surface Cleaning Industrial Fiber Length: 5m
High Light:

220VAC Laser Cleaner Machine


1064nm Laser Cleaner Machine


100 Watt Laser Rust Remover

100W CE Certified Laser Rust Remover Low Power Consumption Environment Protection Laser Cleaner Machine



Quick detail


1. Powerful, short pulses, fast-moving laser pulses act on the surface of the target material, producing tiny plasma ruptures, shock waves, thermal stress and etc., then make the surface materials to sublimate and evaporate.
2. The laser beam is capable of accurately evaporating surface objects or dirt.
3. Laser cleaning is suitable for metal surfaces. The treated and optimized laser beam does not alter metal properties or damage those laser-treated surfaces. The precisely tuned laser beam acts only on the coating, residual residue or oxide, and does not harm the underlying parent metal surface.
4. By adjusting other parameters, the laser beam is able to achieve the desired cleaning effect accurately and easily.


Technical parameters


Item L/N Characteristics Test Conditions Min. Typical Max. Unit
Electrical Characteristics 1 Power Voltage 220 210 220 230 AC
2 Maximum current loss Pout=Pnom 4 5 6 A
3 Total Power 600 590 600 610 W
4 Fiber Cable 5 5 5 10 M
General Characteristics 1 Working temperature range 0 / 60
2 Storage temperature -10 / 60
3 Laser power 100 W
4 Peak power >10KW KW
5 Cooling method Air Cooling  
6 Laser level 4 Class  
7 Pulse energy 1.5mJ mJ
8 Laser wavelength 1064 nm
9 Preheat time Reach to start operation 0 s
Achieve complete stability 10
10 Humidity 10 / 95 %
11 Laser machine size L647*W440*H859 mm
12 Weight 70 kg



a, Welding surface pre-treatment, welding bead cleaning.
b, Stone figure surface dust & attachment cleaning.
c, Plastic mould residues cleaning
d, Coating cleaning
e, Metal surface rust removal
F, Paint cleaning
G, Oil stain, contaminant cleaning


How does laser cleaning work?
The aim of this process is simple; to clean the surface of a material (e.g. metal) that it is working with.
This is done for a number of reasons, such as to remove paint, mold, or to prepare surfaces for treatment. Surfaces can easily gather or contain contaminants such as carbon, rust, and rubber, and laser cleaning offers an efficient and environmentally-friendly way of removing these.
So how does the process actually work? A laser beam is pulsed at the surface of a material, irradiating and vaporizing the layer until the desired depth of ablation has been reached. The pulse’s output power and wavelength can be controlled, offering the user a great deal of control when it comes to vaporising a material’s surface with a high degree of accuracy.
How does the vaporisation work? The contaminants that are on the surface layer of the material, such as the rubber or paint, absorb the beam as it is directed at it. The heat of this beam quickly irradiates this material.



Advantages---Why is this process better than more traditional methods?

A key question that we are frequently asked is “How does laser cleaning work differently to the other more traditional methods?”. There are some key problems that lasers have helped to address and solve.
Firstly, other methods were contact processes, meaning they were abrasive and damaging to the materials that they were working with. Take media blasting, for example, which essentially acts like a pressure washer, but with pressurised air, to blast a material until it is clean. It gets the job done, but it often affects the material that you don’t want to damage below!
Laser cleaning, on the other hand, is non-contact and non-abrasive, and so will only irradiate the material that you want to get rid of.
You also have a great deal of control over the beam, meaning you can achieve the desired depth that you want to. Further to this, you can irradiate the whole surface layer of a material, or a much thinner layer, say the topcoat of paint, but not the primer below. Or, should you wish, you can just clean a very small section. If using another process which simply blasts the material, it is hard to enjoy such a high level of control.
One of the key benefits in the way that laser cleaning works is that not much waste is left over due to the irradiation process; the substrate is simply vaporised rather than left as waste. The majority of the waste that is left over comes as dust particles and can be easily collected and removed by the user.
Previous processes left a great deal of waste that had to be removed. Not only is this costly in terms of time efficiency, but much of this waste was hazardous as well, and users were often required to wear protective gear. This danger to worker safety has been removed by the laser.
So, the key characteristics of how the laser cleaning process works, which differentiates it from more traditional methods, are that:
It is a much safer process
It is more efficient
It offers the user a higher level of accuracy and control and
There is a greater focus on a higher quality end result
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