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500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal

500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal

500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal
500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CK (Super Fast)
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: CK-FC-500W

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: 860000$ - 200000$ / Set
Packaging Details: Plywood case
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 sets / Month
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Detailed Product Description
Power: 500W High Power Cleaning Method: Handheld Laser Clean
Automatic Equipment: 3D Vision Imaging Laser Cleaning Function: Rust/painting/coating Cleaning Laser Derusting
Laser Type: Pulse Fiber Laser Beam Range: 0-160mm
Laser Source: IPG Deliery Time: 60days
High Light:

TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner


IPG Laser Rust Cleaner


500W metal laser cleaning machine

Metal Surface Rust Laser Cleaner IPG Laser Source TrumpF Laser Rust Cleaning Machine Portable



1, Product Parameter

Items Parameters
Cleaning Power 500W
Current Consumption Pout = Ponm / 25A
Max. Power 6.5KW
Power Voltage AC 110/220V
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Laser Class Level 4
Pulse Energy 30mJ
Fiber Optical Cable 7m(Customizable)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Scan Width 1-160mm
Preheat Time 10-30s
Working Condition A flat place without vibration and impact
Working Temperature 0-60 ℃
Storage Temperature -10~+60℃
Machine size L1100 x W 840 x H1150mm
Net Weight 250Kgs

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      Laser cleaning There are various cleaning methods in the traditional cleaning industry, most of which use chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. As my country’s environmental protection laws and regulations are becoming stricter and people’s awareness of environmental protection and safety is increasing, the types of chemicals that can be used in industrial cleaning will become less and less. How to find a cleaner and non-damaging cleaning method is a problem we have to consider. The laser cleaning has the characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, non-thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials, and is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods.


2, Product Application

1. Metal surface coating removal, rapid paint removal;

2. Quick rust and oxides removal;

3. Grease, resin, gum, dust, stains, produce residue removal;

4. Roughening of metal surface;

5. Treatment before welding, bonding, remove paint, rust, grease, weld oxide or residue;

6. Molding cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold and etc.;

7. Precision parts, oil removal;

8. Quick cleaning of nuclear power unit maintenance;

9. Aerospace weapons, ship manufacture or maintenance, paint and rust removal;

10. Metal surface cleaning in narrow space;

11. Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, exterior cleaning of buildings.


3, The advantages of laser cleaning?
Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning has obvious advantages. ??
1. Laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method. It does not need to use any chemicals and cleaning fluids. The cleaned waste is basically solid powder, small in size, easy to store, recyclable, and can easily solve chemical cleaning belts. Environmental pollution problems coming;??
2. The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning, which has mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object, damages the surface of the object or the cleaning medium adheres to the surface of the object to be cleaned, and cannot be removed, resulting in secondary pollution. Laser cleaning has no grinding And non-contact makes these problems easy to solve;??
3. The laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, coordinated with robots and robots, it is convenient to realize long-distance operation, and can clean parts that are not easily reached by traditional methods. This can ensure the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous places;?? 4. Laser Cleaning can remove various types of contaminants on the surface of various materials to achieve a cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. And it can also selectively clean the contaminants on the surface of the material without damaging the surface of the material; 5. The laser cleaning efficiency is high and saves time;
??6. Although the initial investment in laser cleaning system is relatively high, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time and the operating cost is low. Taking Quantel's LASERLASTE as an example, the operating cost per hour is only about 1 Euro. More important It is easy to realize automatic operation.


4, Application Industry

Ship Industry, auto Parts, rubber Mold, high-end Machine, tire mold, track, environmental Protection Industry and others.

500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal 0500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal 1

500W IPG TRUMPF Laser Rust Cleaner for Metal surface coating removal 2


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