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1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine

1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine

1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine
1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: CK-Super Fast
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Model Number: CK-FC-200W

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Plywood case with 3 layers protection
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200SETS/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Laser Power: 200W Laser, 900W/Hour Application: Mould Laser Cleaner
Usage: Rubber Mould Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Source Type: Pulse Energy Fiber Laser Source
Machine Weight: 70Kgs Power Input: Single Phase 220V
High Light:

200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine


Rubber Mould Laser Cleaning Machine


220V Laser Mold Cleaning Machine

Laser Tire Mould Cleaner Machine 200W/500W/750W Rubber Molding Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Remover



Item L/N Characteristics Test Conditions Min. Typical Max. Unit
Electrical Characteristics 1 Power Voltage 220 210 220 230 AC
2 Maximum current loss Pout=Pnom 4 5 6 A
3 Total Power 900 890 900 910 W
4 Fiber Cable 5 5 5 10 M
General Characteristics 1 Working temperature range 0 / 60
2 Storage temperature -10 / 60
3 Laser power 200 W
4 Peak power >30KW KW
5 Cooling method Air Cooling  
6 Laser level 4 Class  
7 Pulse energy 10mJ mJ
8 Laser wavelength 1064 nm
9 Preheat time Reach to start operation 0 s
Achieve complete stability 10
10 Humidity 10 / 95 %
11 Laser machine size L647*W440*H859 mm
12 Weight 70 kg


1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine 0


How does the laser cleaning process work?
The laser cleaning process works by having a laser beam, (which using one of our products would be a fiber laser), pulsed at the surface layer of the metal. This metal may have contaminants on it such as mold, paint or rust, and the idea is to clear the surface through this process. This may be out of necessity for the next steps in the manufacturing process, or simply to make the metal more aesthetically pleasing.
The fiber laser beam, which can have both its power, duration, and wavelength controlled, is absorbed by the surface contaminants until they are vaporized, leaving the clean metal beneath. Any substrates which aren’t vaporized will be leftover as particle dust, which can be easily removed by the user.
There will be no thermal, mechanical or chemical strain or damage to your metal, leaving you with a high-quality finish.

1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine 11064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine 2

Why does metal need to be cleaned by laser?
There can be many reasons that this process needs to be used on metals, and you’ll find it being used in everything from the aerospace to the food manufacturing industry. It’s used for applications such as:
Cleaning baking trays
Preparing metals for welding treatment
Removing paint from a selected area
Removing traffic film and dirt from planes, buses, etc.


Benefits of using fiber lasers to clean the metals
A fiber laser will offer you a great deal of control, and so the ablation depth that you wish to reach can be achieved with a high degree of accuracy. Given this high degree of accuracy, fiber lasers are the perfect process for working with micro applications, which has become more and more of a necessity in the modern climate of parts and pieces getting ever smaller.
It is also non-contact, and therefore non-abrasive, process, and so no unnecessary or unwanted damage will be caused to your metal. This is something that more traditional cleaning methods, such as media blasting, have struggled with.

1064nm 220V Rubber Tire 200W Laser Mold Cleaning Machine 3

The fiber lasers are highly efficient, enjoying much longer operational lives than other cleaning methods, and even other laser methods. And, with no maintenance times thanks to our ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, you are left with an efficient and cost-effective metal cleaning solution.


A demonstration of the laser cleaning of metal
If you would like to see the laser cleaning of metal using a fiber laser in action, then please refer to the two videos below, taken from our YouTube channel:
These will both give you a great visual demonstration of just how effective the laser cleaning process can be, especially when it is completed using a fiber laser.



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